Turn Job Loss into a Career Opportunity

Turn Job Loss into a Career Opportunity

While the loss of job can be devastating, it can also be a catalyst for change. Many times people are unhappy in their job situations but don’t do anything about it simply because they’re comfortable in their current job or too afraid to make the leap into another career field.

If you are one of those people and you’ve recently lost your job, you no longer have those things holding you back. You are now free to explore other options without the worry of giving up your job. Your job loss could translate into a tremendous career opportunity if you allow it to do so.

First, consider returning to school. Do your research before deciding on a major. Look for fields that are hiring and projected to grow in the future, and choose the one in which you would be happiest. If you already have a bachelor’s degree, now may be the perfect time to return for a masters or even doctorate.

If you don’t have the desire to return to school, but still are interested in exploring other career options, you may want to consider volunteering. Now may be the perfect time to tutor at a local school if you’ve always dreamed of becoming a teacher or write the newsletter for your favorite local charitable organization of you’ve sometimes wished for a career as a freelance writer. You never know where those types of volunteer opportunities may lead.

Losing your job, for whatever reason, does not mean you have to feel anxious and stressed while you search for your next career opportunity. While some anxiety is normal, unavoidable and even healthy, too much will make it even harder to conduct your job search. Instead, opt to use this time to find your passion and your next career will probably appear much sooner than you ever expected.

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